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Dhageyso Diiradda Jimcaha Iyo Dhaqaala Darrida Heysata DF. Somalia miyaa xor ah 62 sano ?

Officials from Juba under the Islamic districts have visited the battle fronts between Al shabab Mujahedeen Fighters and the Somali Forces who were trained by the Americans.

Sheikh Mohamed Abu Abdalla who is the governor of Juba districts has visited and surveyed an area called Sanguuni that is located 40kms from the town of Kismayu.

Also the officials have visited the village of Qamqamka that is very close to the town under the Islamic districts of Juba, Abu Aballa has mentioned that the town of Sanguuni is under the Islamic districts but also there are forces of Ahmed Madobe.

He stressed that the Mujahedeen fighters sometimes go to the area between them and the other forces and that they control the area.

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