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Al-Shabaab oo sheegtay in ay 87 askar iyo saraakiil ah ku dishay qaraxyadii Maxaas [Bayaan]. Somalia’s govt imposes curfew in Mogadishu, cancels flights ahead of Djibouti president’s visit

African Intelligence, a French think tank with close ties to French intelligence, said in a statement that French President Emmanuel Macron was due to announce a deadline for the withdrawal of his troops from Mali, while at a major conference in the French capital, Paris, in February. Macron is set to announce the final withdrawal of thousands of French troops from Mali.
The French government and the military junta in Mali, which has worked closely with the Russian government, want to end its long-standing ties with the French colonial government.
Late last month, the Malian military ordered the French ambassador to Mali to leave Bamako for 72 hours.
The move was blamed on the military for disrespecting the French leadership, and for Macron and the military’s conflicting interests, which eventually led to their unexpected decision.
African observers point out that the decision by Mali’s military junta will have a significant impact on the future of French-Mali relations, and this is evident.

The dispute between France and Mali’s military junta comes after the West released reports that thousands of troops from the Russian-owned Wagner mercenary had arrived in Mali.

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