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Saameyn intee la eg ayuu dagaalka Yukreyn iyo Ruushka ku yeeshay dhaqaalaha qaaradda Afrika [Warbixin]. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo la kulmay weerar jidgal ah.

Kenyans protest against the rising cost of living.
Kenyans took to social media over the weekend to protest the rise in food and grocery prices according to Star Kenyan newspaper.
Under fifty, food prices dropped, internet users criticized the increase in basic food prices such as corn flour, bread, vegetables, and fruits.
Some Kenyans are upset about their frustration, saying that the fluctuations in food prices are damaging both consumers and producers.
Inflation of food prices rose 8.89 percent in January 2022 despite a drop in the total inflation rate, according to the monthly consumer price index of the Kenyan National Statistics Office.

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