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Saameyn intee la eg ayuu dagaalka Yukreyn iyo Ruushka ku yeeshay dhaqaalaha qaaradda Afrika [Warbixin]. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo la kulmay weerar jidgal ah.

Oscar Jako Mwangi, a co-professor at the Faculty of Political Science at the National University of Lesoto, wrote an article on the reasons why youth movement fighters target Lamo County, which has been published on the “Conference” website.
According to the writer, the tweets of the Jihadist attacks inside the Kenyan Lamo County on the border with Somalia were alarming. Three years after Kenya invaded Somalia in 2011, the coastal province was the stage of a deadly attack that killed 48 people during a youth movement siege.
Lmao in the news again. In January this year, the government announced a lockdown from dusk to dawn amid a wave of killings. Several operations have also been performed in it.
Here are five reasons why Lamo County is always a target for youth movement fighters, according to the writer.

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