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Al-Shabaab oo sheegtay in ay 87 askar iyo saraakiil ah ku dishay qaraxyadii Maxaas [Bayaan]. Somalia’s govt imposes curfew in Mogadishu, cancels flights ahead of Djibouti president’s visit

Sudanese protesters marching against the military rule on International Women’s Day were met with tear gas as they approached the presidential palace on Tuesday, a Reuters reporter said.

Women’s rights groups had called the protest along with neighborhood resistance committees that have been organizing street demonstrations since the military took power in October.

The coup put an end to a power-sharing arrangement between civilians and the military that was struck after former President Omar al-Bashir who ruled for 30 years was toppled in a 2019 uprising in which women played a prominent role.

“Women’s demands are the revolution’s demands,” said one protest banner. After the rally reached the presidential palace in the capital Khartoum, security forces chased protesters back into nearby streets.

The protest comes as Sudan faces economic free-fall. On Tuesday, the Sudanese pound was devalued by about 19% after its price had slid on the black market.

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