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Dhageyso: Sheekh Abuu Muscab oo Shir jaraa’id ku faah faahiyay dagaallo ka dhacay Koonfurta iyo bartamaha Soomaaliya. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo qarax lagula beegsaday degmada Qansaxdheere.

The Ukrainian armed forces fired a missile at the Ukrainian right-wing Azov Battalion headquarters of the city of Mariupol over the latter’s refusal to follow orders, the head of Russia’s Chechen Republic, Ramzan Kadyrov, said on Friday.

“Nazis from the Azov gang refused to obey the military command and coordinate actions with them. This led to the SSU [Security Service of Ukraine] performing a missile strike against the Banderite headquarters in Mariupol,” Kadyrov wrote on Telegram.

The Ukrainian military used the Tochka U missile system, the Chechen leader reported.

“As a result, there are now 20 less good-for-nothing Bandera followers in the world,” Kadyrov added.

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