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Dhageyso: Sheekh Abuu Muscab oo Shir jaraa’id ku faah faahiyay dagaallo ka dhacay Koonfurta iyo bartamaha Soomaaliya. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo qarax lagula beegsaday degmada Qansaxdheere.

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – President of Somalia’s Southwest State Abdiasis Laftagaren, a formidable ally of the country’s embattled leader Mohamed Abdullahi Farmajo, gave up bid to stand in an upcoming election for parliament speaker over concerns to lose his current post.

On Monday, Custodial Corps chief Mahad Abdirahman – Laftagaren’s father-in-law – was cleared to run for the HOP172 parliament seat which the regional leader would grab before pursuing to win the election for speaker.

Earlier, reports emerged that Farmajo and his security advisor, Fahad Yasin had decided to stand Laftagaren at the upcoming election for parliament speaker in which he would be challenged by opposition candidates. He had earlier blocked Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan, who had served twice as the speaker of the Somali parliament, from seeking a seat.

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