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Dhageyso: Sheekh Abuu Muscab oo Shir jaraa’id ku faah faahiyay dagaallo ka dhacay Koonfurta iyo bartamaha Soomaaliya. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo qarax lagula beegsaday degmada Qansaxdheere.

MOGADISHU (Somaliguardian) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi said on Sunday the break-away region’s authorities had a sovereign right to strike a military base accord with the United States during his first visit to Washington.

In an interview with VOA Somali, Bihi did not say if the issue had been raised during meetings with US government officials and promised to discuss the matter later after he returns home.

Somaliland tabled a request for an official recognition of its statehood by the United States, but Washington said it was up to the African Union to determine on the issue and urged talks to solely focus on prospects for more cooperation on economic, security and diplomatic interests, he added.

Asked about China’s anger over Somaliland-Taiwan ties, Bihi said his government was still open for talks with Beijing to forge relations on key forefronts, provided they posed no threat to the interests of other partner nations.

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