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Al-Shabaab oo ka digay boob lala damcsanyahay hantida Soomaaliyeed, digniina u diray shirkado iyo Bangiyo. Al-Shabaab oo sheegtay in ay 87 askar iyo saraakiil ah ku dishay qaraxyadii Maxaas [Bayaan].

Nuclear deal opponents are whining about this non-issue as it’s reportedly the remaining sticking point in re-entry talks.

Parties to the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, the multilateral accord that restricted Iran’s nuclear program, appear close to returning to full compliance with the agreement for the first time since the Trump administration reneged on the accord nearly four years ago.

The removal of what appeared for a while to be a show-stopping demand by Russia to get out of some Ukraine-related sanctions has made an agreement once again seem imminent. But now another reported last-minute hang-up concerns the removal of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps from the U.S. list of Foreign Terrorist Organizations.

Whether the IRGC stays on that list or not will have no material effect. There thus may be little basis for the Iranians to make delisting a fall-on-their-sword demand. But it would make even less sense for the United States to resist delisting, especially if such resistance meant a continuation of the failed “maximum pressure” policy that has seen the Iranian stockpile of enriched uranium grow to many times what it was under the JCPOA.

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