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Saameyn intee la eg ayuu dagaalka Yukreyn iyo Ruushka ku yeeshay dhaqaalaha qaaradda Afrika [Warbixin]. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo la kulmay weerar jidgal ah.

The United Kingdom has issued a travel advisory to its citizen residing in Kenya or those seeking to travel to the East African country.

In a communication delivered by the British High Commission in Nairobi, the UK cautioned its citizens not to travel to some parts of the country during the Ramadhan period citing increased terrorism threats.

UK listed areas within 60km of the Kenya-Somali border as the most prone to attacks from the Islamist group – AL Shabaab.

It further cautioned its citizens to only travel to parts of Garissa and Madera counties if it is unavoidable.

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