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Dagaal culus oo ka dhacay duleedka degmada Halgan. Ciidamada ATMIS oo qof shacab ah ku toogtay isgoyska Ceelgaabta Xamarweyne.

Deputy President William Ruto failed to address Kenyans during Madaraka Day celebrations on Wednesday, the first time such a snub has happened since President Uhuru Kenyatta took office in 2013.

This has been viewed by Kenyans as a culmination of the bad blood between Dr. Ruto and President Kenyatta, who recently, at the national prayer breakfast meeting, avoided sharing a table.

Kenyans, who anticipated listening to the DP in his last Madaraka day as Deputy President, watched President Kenyatta, after awarding state awards, short circuit the program and invite the President of Sierra Leone Julius Maada Bio to speak.

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