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Dagaal culus oo ka dhacay duleedka degmada Halgan. Ciidamada ATMIS oo qof shacab ah ku toogtay isgoyska Ceelgaabta Xamarweyne.

Somalia’s president and his prime minister are under heavy pressure after the United States confirmed that Somali troops had been deployed in Ethiopia’s Tigray region where allied Ethiopian and Eritrean forces have been battling local rebels since November of last year.

The United States said this week a number of Somali soldiers were present in the war-hit northern Ethiopian region, corroborating a UN report which revealed whereabouts of missing Somali recruits last month.

“We are aware that there were some Somali troops that were in Ethiopia,” acting assistance secretary for US Bureau of African Affairs, Robert F. Godec said, adding that it was not known if the soldiers were engaged in “actual kind of offensive operations”.

The leader of Wadajir opposition party Abdirahman Abdishakur said the president and the outgoing government “remain silent on the whereabouts of Somali youths taken to Eritrea”.

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