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Dhageyso Diiradda Jimcaha Iyo Dhaqaala Darrida Heysata DF. Somalia miyaa xor ah 62 sano ?

Somali Airlines Operators Association has announced that all domestic flights will be suspended as of Sunday, citing a lack of security at some local airports.

The indefinite suspension will last until a solution is found that ensures the plane’s and passengers’ safety, according to a statement from the association. The association accused the Civil Aviation Authority of not being devoted to the safety of the planes and their passengers.

The Somali Civil Aviation Authority stated that it is unaware of the letter Ref: AOA / 008/6/2022, dated June 18, 2022, and the danger it poses.

The agency declares that there is no risk to domestic aviation safety.

According to international standards (ICAO) and SOMCARS, the agency is responsible for the safety of all aircraft and airports in the country.

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