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Dhageyso Diiradda Jimcaha Iyo Dhaqaala Darrida Heysata DF. Somalia miyaa xor ah 62 sano ?

Starving monkeys have started attacking children in Ethiopia with extreme drought sparking ‘unnatural animal behavior’ as the country is hit with severe malnutrition.

Children are being attacked by hungry monkeys and threatened by starving warthogs in East Africa as drought, displacement and conflict ravage the region.

Ten of thousand children in Ethiopia are suffering from the ‘most deadly’ form of malnutrition due to the drought in the east and south of the country, British charity Save the Children said Thursday, which is also causing animals to act ‘unnaturally’.

The charity said it has received reports of families fending off starving monkeys with sticks, while warthogs have begun encroaching on people’s homes in search of food

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