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Dhageyso Diiradda Jimcaha Iyo Dhaqaala Darrida Heysata DF. Somalia miyaa xor ah 62 sano ?

Somaliland police have accused Wadani opposition party presidential candidate Abdirahman Mohamed Abdillahi Irro of having non-security forces bodyguards.

According to a statement from the Somaliland Police Force, Candidate Irro, who is an unregistered member of the police force and other forces, is a civilian in uniform and conducting operations.

“Police are aware that in the last week, the candidate’s residence has been raided by unarmed civilians, who are doing the same work at night and stopping civilians. search cars and sometimes fire shots all dressed in military fatigue. ”

The military has warned candidate Irro that if he does not stop, it will be a national betrayal, and called on the candidate to stay away from anyone who is illegally armed, as he has a legitimate security guard.

“If it continues to be a crime of treason, in accordance with Article 221 of the Penal Code, we, therefore, warn the Waddani Party candidate and anyone involved in this matter to stay away from those who are illegally armed while holding the national security forces.” ”

Police say Irro has a law enforcement officer, so they will take the matter to law enforcement and prosecutors.

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