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Businesses along Mogadishu’s Makka Al Mukarama Road were closed Due to SFG baning civ vehicles Somalia’s president promises to restart talks with Somaliland

Sudanese military repels an attack by Ethiopia’s army on Qala’ al-Labban area in the disputed border, where ENDF kidnapped Sudanese soldiers it has executed on Sunday. Clashes between Sudanese troops & ENDF have been underway along with Al-Quraishi & Basanda border villages since early morning on Monday, a day after Sudan vowed retaliation over the execution of Sudanese soldiers captured on Wed by Ethiopia’s military. Sudan on Monday summoned Ethiopia’s ambassador in Khartoum to protest against the execution of Sudanese soldiers by the ENDF and recalled its ambassador in Addis Ababa. It has also closed the Gallabat border crossing a day after its military threatened retaliation.


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