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Businesses along Mogadishu’s Makka Al Mukarama Road were closed Due to SFG baning civ vehicles Somalia’s president promises to restart talks with Somaliland

A humanitarian truce has been agreed upon in Ethiopia’s Tigray region, where there has been an ongoing war for over a year and a half. While this sounds like positive news, the work to undo the damage caused by the conflict is immense and needs a great deal of support.

The war in Ethiopia has affected the lives of millions of people, both in Tigray and in surrounding areas like Amhara and Afar. It began as a dispute between the national Ethiopian government and the regional Tigrayan government, the Tigray People’s Liberation Front.

Since November 2020, millions of people have been displaced, and countless innocent lives have been taken. Humanitarian aid was illegally blocked from entering war regions on several occasions, and the United Nations called out human rights violations being perpetrated by all parties to the conflict.

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