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At least 124 camels have died on the outskirts of Jigjiga, the capital of the Somali regional state of Ethiopia, after being poisoned while grazed.

The flock of camels consisted of 150 from Harshin district to Gursum district in the Faafan region to forage, but 124 died after being unable to continue walking.

A camel owner traveling with the camels told the media that the animals stopped grazing on numerous trees, including the Ciinka tree, and then began to die when we reached the outskirt of Jigjiga town.

According to Dr. Mohamud Mohamed, Director of the Health Department, the Somali Regional State Livestock Development Office dispatched a team of veterinarians to the scene to see the camels following the poisoning. He added that from now on, the office would give pastoralists awareness of the trees that the camels graze.

It’s the second incident where camels grazing poisonous trees have died in the Gursum district in the Fafan area.



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