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Dhageyso: Sheekh Abuu Muscab oo Shir jaraa’id ku faah faahiyay dagaallo ka dhacay Koonfurta iyo bartamaha Soomaaliya. Ciidamo Itoobiyaan ah oo qarax lagula beegsaday degmada Qansaxdheere.

Puntland regional state in Somalia said on Thursday troops of neighboring Somaliland have invaded its territory amid reports of tensions building up along the disputed border between the two regions.

Puntland Minister of Aviation Ilyas Lugator said a military convoy of 45 vehicles accompanied by Somaliland governor of the Sool region had entered the contested town of Bo’ame, in what he called a violation of his region’s sovereignty.

Reports from the region suggested on Thursday that both sides were building up troops amid fear raised over renewed clashes between the two regions.

Somaliland has not yet commented on the recent developments in the Sool region. The break-away region is grappling with a political crisis fueled by the incumbent President’s alleged attempts to delay a presidential election scheduled for Nov. 13.

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