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Al-Shabaab oo ka digay boob lala damcsanyahay hantida Soomaaliyeed, digniina u diray shirkado iyo Bangiyo. Al-Shabaab oo sheegtay in ay 87 askar iyo saraakiil ah ku dishay qaraxyadii Maxaas [Bayaan].

Somalia’s government arrested police and intelligence chiefs of the Hiiraan region, days after regional governor Ali Jayte called on authorities to hold them accountable for deadly suicide attacks in the central town of Baladweyne on Monday, Dalsan TV reported on Thursday.

The police commander of the Hiran region Isaq Ali Abdulle and the intelligence head for the area were summoned to Mogadishu before being taken into custody.

Hours before his arrest, Abdulle dismissed claims by the regional governor that the attacks had taken place due to negligence from security forces and alleged that the spiraling insecurity in the central region was because of the governor’s meddling in the activities of police and intelligence forces.

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