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Dagaal culus oo ka dhacay duleedka degmada Halgan. Ciidamada ATMIS oo qof shacab ah ku toogtay isgoyska Ceelgaabta Xamarweyne.

(Somaliguardian) – Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi said on Friday the separatist region will head to the polls next year to choose new political parties and president.

“This year starting soon will be, Allah’s willing, an election year. Voter registration will begin on the 28th of this month and will conclude on the 28t of January,” Somaliland leader Muse Bihi said.

“I call on the nation to give a chance to those who have lost their national IDs or those willing to register for them now.”

The remarks have come weeks after opposition leaders announced that they would no longer recognize Bihi as President after his constitutional term ended. The opposition said a two-year term extension for the President was illegal.

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