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Dagaal culus oo ka dhacay duleedka degmada Halgan. Ciidamada ATMIS oo qof shacab ah ku toogtay isgoyska Ceelgaabta Xamarweyne.

(Somaliguardian) – Somalia’s President Hassan Sheikh Mohamud accused the country’s security forces of facilitating militant attacks in the capital Mogadishu, weeks after insurgents stormed an upscale hotel near his palace.

Speaking at the 79th anniversary of the establishment of Somali Police, Mohamud alleged that vehicles of security forces are often used to help transport explosions to evade detection and top officers order soldiers at checkpoints to clear the way car bombs targeting government installations and areas popular with officials in Mogadishu’s green zone.

He added that a number of officers are currently being investigated for facilitating car bomb attacks in the city whose bank accounts received deposits of a substantial amount of money and that a number of other officers will be held accountable.

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